Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Nucleus

Nucleus demographics

Check out the highlights of the Nucleus demographic survey.

These stats are representative of the 315 people who responded to our survey in March 2023.

In 2022, the average female/male split in the finance industry was 46%/54%. We're currently,

Our beliefs are important to us, including our resident Jedi!

We're proud to represent the communities in which we operate.

People living with a disability or health condition.

We provide reasonable adjustments for all our abilities.

10% of those who responded to the survey identify as LGBTQ+.

Our ED&I commitment

Our commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) is rooted in our mission to enhance retirement and achieve positive customer outcomes. Fostering a culture of diversity not only boosts creativity and innovation but also aligns with our goal of representing the communities we serve. By integrating ED&I into our journey to becoming best beloved platform, we aim to attract customers who value commercial, ethical, and sustainable practices, ultimately driving great customer outcomes.

Inclusion networks

Women @ Nucleus

The Women @ Nucleus group is underpinned by a shared passion for raising the profile of women at Nucleus and female empowerment. The group aims to create a supportive, aspirational and motivational space for female staff at all stages of their careers.

LGBTQ+ Network

A long-standing group at Nucleus, the LGBTQ+ network aims to represent and celebrate our LGBTQ+ people and is open to everyone at Nucleus identifying as LGBTQ+ and allies.

Disability and Health Network

The Disability and Health Network aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment for those living with disabilities and health conditions. The purpose of the network is to foster awareness, understanding and collaboration to ensure Nucleus is a place where everyone, regardless of their abilities or health status, can thrive.

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Network

The Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Network is committed to celebrating and encouraging more cultural diversity across Nucleus. We aim to ensure that our people are representative of the communities in which we operate and that those from underrepresented backgrounds feel welcomed and seen at Nucleus.

Women in Finance Charter

Nucleus is a proud signatory of the Women in Finance Charter since 2017, with a clear aim to creating a more gender diverse senior leadership team within our business and industry. We don’t take this commitment lightly, and in partnership with our internal ED&I committees, generate meaningful strategic actions to support the recruitment, equitable development, and career progression of women at Nucleus.
Look through our most recent Women in Finance Charter report and check back as we update our progress throughout the year.