Helping to make your cash work harder

Investment platforms like ours provide access to a wide range of different investment types, ideal for those with long-term financial goals. We also allow our customers to hold cash balances to help with the payment of adviser and service fees and charges, or to act as a temporary haven when the markets are volatile.

We don’t recommend that you hold large balances of cash for long periods of time, but if you do want your spare cash to work harder in the medium to long term, we offer access to specific products with attractive rates of return via our Cash Panel, which is provided by Bondsmith.


We partner with Bondsmith, an FCA regulated cash solutions provider, to offer access to a diverse range of fixed term deposit accounts with attractive interest rates from banks and building societies (referred to as deposit takers).

Customers who access deposit accounts via Bondsmith are required to read and accept Bondsmith’s terms and conditions before the first investment instruction is placed. You will also become a customer of Bondsmith once the instruction has been accepted.

If you’d like to know more about the investment options available via Bondsmith, please speak with your independent adviser who uses Nucleus.