Welcome to Nucleus

The award winning adviser-built investment wrap platform – supporting advisers in helping their clients achieve great outcomes.

Nucleus Go

Nucleus Go, our secure client portal, offers you 24/7 online access to view your portfolios.

Protecting any cash you have on our platform

We hold your cash with a panel of banks to reduce the risk to you. And we only partner with banks who have the appropriate authorisations from the UK regulators and are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Who are we?

Nucleus was founded in 2006 in collaboration with a group of financial advisers and set out to create a sea-change in financial services by building an alternative to the traditional model.

We did this by putting you centre stage and creating a business that focused on the strategic alignment of you and your adviser. Ever since then, our focus has been entirely customer-led, not product-led, committed to transparency and reducing complexity for you.

Our entire company, culture and ethos has been built on principles of transparency, trust and respect.

What we do

We don't hide our charges

Every penny is accounted for and visible to you - always.

We provide greater choice

Our 'open architecture' platform gives you access to over 6,500* investments, so your adviser can find the right answer for you and your financial goals.

*As at March 2021

We share one vision

We work with advisers who are forward thinking and share our vision.

Our investment platform

Our wrap platform allows you to combine, or wrap, all your investments into a single manageable online account. Instead of having to keep tabs on different investments in different places, our wrap holds all your investments in one place. And you can view them, and your transaction history, at any time on Nucleus Go.


Nucleus has always focused on greater alignment between adviser and client needs and realise there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we provide an open architecture approach to our platform. With over 6,500 investment choices available.

Nucleus Go

Our secured client site, Nucleus Go has been designed to allow you to engage digitally with your investments, giving you at-a-glance access to your investment portfolios.

The functionality lets you view transactions and important correspondence on your wrap account, over any selected date range. We’re working hard to improve our communications with you, and Go gives you better online access to your investment portfolio.

Contact Nucleus

If you need to get in touch with us you can get us on live chat or phone our client contact team.