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Taking the pain out of calculating capital gains

Helping clients to make good use of their annual tax allowances is central to effective tax planning. Narrate CG, our capital gains calculator, is designed to make this process easier.

Our Narrate CG tool was developed directly from adviser feedback, incorporating the features you need to quickly and easily compile accurate reports. With client level reporting and the ability to include multiple clients in one easily downloadable report, in your choice of PDF or CSV file, Narrate CG can help simplify your reporting and reduce the time you need to spend on it.


Easy to use with clear and simple reports in a choice of formats.


Select the variables you need for your capital gains reporting.


Narrate CG's calculation engine is based on rigorous ongoing testing and refinement, so you can be confident in the accuracy of the reporting.

Key features of Narrate CG

You can:

  • Include multiple clients on one report, even if they’re not linked
  • Choose the date range you require
  • Easily switch between realised and unrealised gains
  • Run estimated gain/loss figures for any proposed disposal amount or asset
  • Mark switches as ‘not liable’ for capital gains
  • Override unit prices
  • Rebase acquisition costs e.g. for deaths

You get:

  • Full capital gains transaction histories
  • Transfer out costs supplied as standard
  • Acquisition costs tracked across accounts when transferred
  • Client level reporting, regardless of how many accounts are held
  • Clear and simple reports, which are easy to download
  • A choice of PDF or CSV excel file formats

Find out how Narrate CG works

Watch our short 'how to' video to find out how Narrate can help you.

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