Any financial planning firm can become a mini media company

Posted 3 April 2024 by Lee Robertson

I’m constantly struck by how financial services businesses have embraced the digital era.

On the day I put these thoughts to paper, I had an early morning video session with a financial planner who was sitting in his ‘studio’ with lights, cameras and backdrops around him. This is a becoming ever more common.

The way we do business online has undergone a profound transformation over the last decade and is ushering in a proliferation of free and low-cost tools. Many financial planning businesses have seen the opportunities available to them to use these and compete with larger organisations. They’re embracing social media, video, podcasting and other forms of media to promote the valuable work they do for their clients.

These businesses find themselves not just ‘broadcasting’ messages about their services, but are also creating and distributing compelling content akin to mini-media companies. Genuinely, we have arrived at an age where every business, irrespective of size or industry, is, in effect, a micro media firm.

So how are they doing it and how can you do join the fray?

Content creation and distribution

Content such as blog articles, videos, infographics and podcasts are a great way to deliver valuable information to your audience.

Just take a look at the great podcasts by financial planners talking about real issues and how they can help. Some of my favourites include The Real Adviser Podcast, Humans vs Retirement, and The Money Planner.

Exploring divorce, finance for women, the challenges of retirement, entrepreneurship and the human side of money - these are great planners delivering great content to their clients and beyond.

By consistently producing high-quality content, firms can position themselves as thought leaders while simultaneously nurturing client trust and loyalty.


The tools available grow daily, but it’s now entirely possible to create quality video using an on-screen script that you’ve written or produced with help from AI. You can edit the video, add graphics and post these on your website and social media platforms, either singly or simultaneously. You can do much of this through your phone and by accessing free, or virtually free, tools.

For those less keen to be on camera it’s entirely possible to produce ‘face-less content’ using AI audio or video avatars which are getting really good now. This really is levelling the playing field for smaller firms who traditionally might have struggled to find budget – or resource - to cover this.

Social media

Platforms such as Instagram, X (Twitter), Facebook and LinkedIn offer firms the opportunity to share what they’re doing with a wider audience – they can showcase their personalities by sharing behind-the-scenes information, and solicit feedback directly from their followers.

I heard X described a while back as a ‘micro-blog’ and that’s how I’ve come to view it. There are some great accounts out there from financial planning businesses that are blending helpful insights and information with personality incredibly well, and in my opinion, doing so much better than the larger players.

Webinars and virtual events

Now that physical location is less of a barrier to holding events, I’ve seen many firms turn to webinars and virtual events as a means of connecting with their audience. Whether it's hosting expert panels, conducting online client events, or organising virtual workshops, many have embraced digital platforms to deliver interactive and informative experiences. AI-driven analytics tools enable an easy way to measure attendee engagement, collect feedback, and refine the strategy for future sessions.

The tools continue to proliferate, and many are interchangeable in terms of functionality, but it comes down to committing to the ideas to being with before scripting, and then setting up a comprehensive distribution strategy. Just have a look at what so many great financial planning businesses have achieved already for inspiration.

Hopefully you can see that by embracing content creation, social media engagement, virtual events, and AI-driven technologies, financial planners of all sizes can effectively navigate the digital landscape and lay a marker as a thought-leader worthy of interest.

As a final note, those yet to take the leap worry about whether there is room for their content or whether there are too many already producing and promoting their ideas that there is little point in starting. Remember, the algorithm feeds you what it thinks you are interested in, so you will be getting a disproportionate amount of financial content because you are in the profession and have interacted with it in the past.

Clients and prospects will receive less, but will thank you for your hard-won expertise if delivered in a professional and consistent manner.

So, I would urge you, if you are not yet underway, to commit to a disciplined approach to becoming a micro-media company as well as a financial planning business. It will pay off in the long term.

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Lee Robertson

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Lee Robertson